When do I know if my exam application is official?2023-12-07T21:16:57+00:00

After the EBCFPRS has received your payment (which includes the exam fee as well as the fee for certification), tthe EBCFPRS Treasurer will send you a confirmation email.

Please retain this email as evidence of your application. Feel free to reach out directly should you have any questions



Kindly be aware that in the event you cannot attend the applied-for exam, your payment will be reserved for the following year or the subsequent year.

Each refund request will be individually reviewed by the EBCFPRS Board of Directors. Please note that EBCFPRS retains the right to deduct any incurred expenses on your behalf.

Where is the annual EBCFPRS exam held?2023-12-06T13:40:37+00:00

Since 2023, the annual EBCFPRS exam has been conducted at Schloss Hohenkammer, Germany.

The Schloss was selected for its tranquil and quiet atmosphere, making it ideal for candidates who need focus without distractions.

Additionally, the Schloss is situated near Munich Airport, one of the most centrally located airports in Europe.

For a brief preview of Schloss Hohenkammer, please visit:

Schloss Hohenkammer — Tagungszentrum und Hotel bei München

Why should I opt for Board Certification?2023-12-06T13:29:29+00:00
  • Certification by the European Board for Certification in Facial Plastic Surgery (EBCFPRS) signifies excellence in the field of facial plastic and reconstructive surgery.
    • Surgeons who receive this designation may refer to themselves as board-certified in facial plastic surgery or as a Diplomate of the EBCFPRS.
  • EBCFPRS Board Certification is the European benchmark of excellence in Facial Plastic Surgery.
  • EBCFPRS Board Certification is equivalent to international (IBCFPRS) board certification.
    • The IBCFPRS aimes at setting standards of knowledge in the area of facial plastic surgery worldwide.
  • Challenge and test yourself by taking the rigorous but fair and psychometrically validated ABCFPRS exam.
    • The EBCPFRS utilizes the examination of the American Board for Certification in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
    • The exam is annually held in Hohenkammer, Germany
Why should I apply for the EBCFPRS exam2023-12-06T13:28:09+00:00
  • The EBCFPRS exam is the only exam, once succesfully navigated, that unlocks the gateway to Certification in Facial Plastic Surgery, conferred by the esteemed International Board for Certification in Facial Plastic Surgery (IBCFPRS).

    This is an exam designed for the best in the field.

  • Setting an international benchmark, candidates are required to demonstrate their skills at a level equivalent to their counterparts in the United States pursuing board certification by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (ABFPRS).
  • The EBCFPRS Exam is identical in its rigor and standards of the ABFPRS exam, a testament to its meticulous development over four decades of psychometric evaluation and a substantial investment exceeding  millions of US Dollars
Are there factors besides EBCFPRS certification that I should consider when selecting my surgeon?2023-12-06T13:41:47+00:00

Yes, EBCFPRS Board certification is considered the European benchmark of excellence, but it is not the only one. A patient choosing a surgeon for facial plastic surgery must take the responsibility for asking questions and choosing the right surgeon.

Ask the surgeon for names of patients who have had the surgery you have in mind and who have given the surgeon permission to provide their names to prospective patients. Check those patients’ experience. Make sure the surgeon you choose is one you can relate to and who answers your questions. Also, not every surgeon performs every facial plastic surgery procedure. Some focus on specific procedures. Make sure your surgeon is experienced in the procedure you want and regularly performs that procedure.

Ask your family doctor whom they recommend. Check with hairdressers and cosmetologists (Really! They see the scars). You can get recommendations from others, but you need to feel confident in and comfortable with the surgeon you choose.

No medical or surgical certification board, including the EBCFPRS, guarantees competency or results.

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