Yes, EBCFPRS Board certification is considered the European benchmark of excellence, but it is not the only one. A patient choosing a surgeon for facial plastic surgery must take the responsibility for asking questions and choosing the right surgeon.

Ask the surgeon for names of patients who have had the surgery you have in mind and who have given the surgeon permission to provide their names to prospective patients. Check those patients’ experience. Make sure the surgeon you choose is one you can relate to and who answers your questions. Also, not every surgeon performs every facial plastic surgery procedure. Some focus on specific procedures. Make sure your surgeon is experienced in the procedure you want and regularly performs that procedure.

Ask your family doctor whom they recommend. Check with hairdressers and cosmetologists (Really! They see the scars). You can get recommendations from others, but you need to feel confident in and comfortable with the surgeon you choose.

No medical or surgical certification board, including the EBCFPRS, guarantees competency or results.